Go international with our US IPR services

Do you need help in protecting your invention in the USA? Get in touch and we’ll take care of the patent formalities together with you!

Our Helsinki-based US team prosecutes our clients’ applications for immaterial rights in the USA. The registered US Patent Agents on our team can represent clients without intermediaries at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Our location in Helsinki ensures fast and flexible collaboration, and our team can serve you in Finnish and English.

Our US team has experience in patent applications within almost all areas of industry, with special expertise in ICT, the chemical industry, electrical engineering and power electronics. Our goal is to gain fast, appropriate protection for your invention while keeping an eye on costs. To accomplish this, we utilize a number of US-centric methods such as teleconferences with patent examiners, as well as USPTO pilot initiatives such as the After Final Consideration Pilot (AFCP) program and the pre-appeal brief conference.

We also have up-to-date US knowledge of fast-developing fields such as the patentability of software technology and biological inventions. Additionally, we collaborate closely with our European patent attorneys to ensure the strongest possible support for your patent application.

Our US team offers the following services:

US patent applications

  • Non-provisional and provisional US applications
  • Continuation, divisional and continuation-in-part applications
  • US national stage applications for PCT
  • Design patent applications

US patent prosecution

  • Analysis and reporting of USPTO office actions
  • Drafting and filing responses
  • Handling formalities such as Information Disclosure Statements (IDS)

Specialities of US patent prosecution

  • Pilot initiatives (AFCP, First Action Interview)
  • Teleconferences with patent examiners
  • Appeals process

Drafting patent applications (US, international)

Competitor monitoring and third-party observations